CPA offers and Cash-on-delivery offers tracking

Aminza separately conversion states "Hold", "Confirmed" and "Cancel" allowing faster estimation of the traffic quality and revenue

Subscriptions and Revshare offers tracking

Aminza supports multiple conversions with the same Click ID and different states "Signup", "Payment", "Cancel"

High stability

Balanced cloud of redirectors and cloud of reporting servers to serve traffic anytime and keep your data safe.

Extensive reporting

You can deeply investigate traffic performance in multi-level group reports, including source tokens, extra tokens, conversion info and so on.

Joined campaigns report

You may stats of several campaigns in one report.

Fast redirects

Our redirector servers are separated of reporting cloud to allow fast traffic redirects.

Unlimited tracking domains

You can use as much domains as you wish.

Support of multiple offer types

For CPA and Cash-on-delivery offers Aminza supports conversion states "On hold", "Confirmed" and "Cancel". For Subscription-type offers you may use states "Signup", "Payment", "Cancel".


Now Aminza is launched in beta-test mode so today it's free for everyone.

After beta-test is finished some features will be available for paying customers only, however all beta-testers who really used Aminza will have 100% discount for 3 months. We have no the exact pricing plan now but anyway we think to make nice prices.